6 Ways to Triumph Over Tribulations Through the Power of Prayer

Discover Prayer's Role in Overcoming Adversity: Understand how prayer can serve as a cornerstone in navigating life's trials, offering a source of strength and refuge.
Experience the Power of Faith-Filled Prayers: Explore the transformative power of prayers imbued with faith, and how they can change your perspective, circumstances, and outcomes.
Enhance Your Resilience in Tough Times: Learn how prayer can fortify your spirit, providing the resilience needed to withstand and grow through life's trials.

Includes Bonus: 7 Promises to Pray According to God's Will

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What Do You Remember?

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our God. Ps. 20:7

After helping her friend many times financially, there came a time when Brenda couldn’t. When that happened, her friend became angry and said, why don’t you ever help me? These crushing words pierced Brenda’s heart. How could one “no” remove all the “yeses” of the past? She forgave her friend, remembering her loving and giving is to be unconditional, like God’s.

People might forget what we have done for them, take it for granted, or even return our gestures of love with contempt. What we do, we do as unto the Lord regardless of the reactions of people. We take our hurt to the Lord and receive His comfort and healing. Most importantly, we watch our own heart and appreciate who others are in our lives and what they do for us.

Above all, we never forget all the Lord has done for us! Remembering how the Lord has brought us out of difficult situations strengthens us to trust Him to do so, again and again. While we know some of what the Lord has done, much we don’t know until after the fact, if at all. Recalling the goodness and faithfulness of God helps us to praise Him, from glory to glory!


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