What Do We Need?

…for the law made nothing perfect; on the other hand, there is the bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to God. – Heb. 7:19

As we draw nigh unto God, our adversary increases his fiery darts to draw us away from the things of God. Satan does so through deliberate lies, all attached to a no need declarative statement: “you don’t need to go to church; you don’t need to read and study the Word; You don’t need to pray; you don’t need to worship, and so on.” The opposite of what we do need!

In our hardships, drawing nigh unto the Lord is what we need to do more than anything else. We must seek to spend quality time with the Lord, yielding to Him. He sees the longing of our hearts and takes care of our needs. Our need for God enables us to say no to the things we don’t need to find true peace; no to the temptations to seek an emotional relief instead of a spiritual one.

As we seek God wholeheartedly, His presence increases, and He takes us to a deeper place of intimacy where we are filled with His love and His peace. It is from that resting place that we learn to stand by faith in His name! The greater the battle, the greater the need for the Lord. We move closer to Him, never away, from glory to glory!


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