Watering Others

The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself. – Prov. 11:25

My headache kept throbbing and I could barely keep my eyes open when I answered a call, and heard, “I’m not feeling well. Please, pray for me.” I felt led to pray for healing for that person and realized, after the call, that my headache was gone. In awe, I praised the Lord!

Sometimes the Spirit of God will lead us to water others, with a prayer or a word of exhortation, even when we need such things ourselves. His leading to minister to others is not based on how great we feel, but on how great He is. As we heed to His directions and obey, we pick up our cross, follow Him, and witness His mighty workings! 

There are also times when we do not see the fruit of our watering right away. Instead of yielding to discouragement, we must continue to pray and share the word, trusting God for the unseen growth. We might get weary repeatedly watering the same person or situation, but the Holy Spirit empowers us to press through, refreshing and refilling us. As we water others, we are watered, from glory to glory! 


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