I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. – 3 John 4

When people do not walk in truth, they leave vital matters unresolved, allowing them to fester, eventually leading to bitterness and animosity. It’s often unintentional and their inability to share their hearts makes them feel guilty and defeated.  

In situations where people do not communicate the more significant issues, they tend to place a great emphasis on the less important ones. Disputes can easily become heated over the slightest disagreement. The true cause of the conflict remains hidden, and the other party is left clueless. If someone won’t stop talking about something minute, they’re really asking for help with a much more pressing issue. We all desire to walk in truth.

No matter if we face this problem or if we observe others in a similar predicament, the only solution is to yield to the Holy Spirit for His continued help. Humility makes way to clarity and opens rivers of glory. As we seek Him, He reveals what is not voiced, digs out the root causes, brings healing and freedom. With love, grace, and power, the Holy Spirit leads us to walk in truth, in love, forgiveness, and peace. He also gives us the ministry of reconciliation as we pray for one another, from glory to glory!