Yes, Lord!

Yes, Lord!

It is difficult to obey God when we do not see the entire picture. What He asks of us, often cannot be done in the natural. It takes great faith to obey His Word and do so quickly, no questions asked. Steps of obedience call for character transformation. This applies to our actions as well as our behaviors. He leads us to much more than we can see and exceeds our expectations.

Obedience to impossibilities give room for the supernatural of God. His miracles. His glory. We see so many examples of it in the Bible, for instance: Moses parting the red sea; Joshua tearing down the wall of Jericho; Gideon conquering an army of thousands with only 300 men; David winning the battle against the giant. We add ourselves to this list and proclaim no to the question: Is anything too hard for God?  

We obey the Word of God as we submit to it, speak it forth, and stand on it. Our yes to the Lord strengthens our no to the things of the flesh. Yes, Lord, to whatever your will is, from glory to glory!

John 2:5 “His mother said to the servants, ‘Whatever He says to you, do it.’ ”

We obey the Word of God as we submit to it, speak it forth, and stand on it. Click To Tweet