But Now!

But Now!

 “… who once were not a people, but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.” – 1 Pet. 2:10 nkjv.

When we are born again, all things are new. We have a new life in Christ. Before, the law had us bound, but now we are free from its constraints. We were distant from God, but now we are brought near. We dwelled in darkness, but now we live in His marvelous light. Our walk was marked by sin, but now we have put off the works of darkness. The mystery of the Christ abiding in us was hidden, but now it is revealed.

Each moment presents an opportunity for further renewal, as our transformation into the image of Christ is continual. Our focus shouldn’t linger on what still needs changing, either in ourselves or others. We are not yet the way we will be, but surely, we are not the way we were. This and that might have been yesterday, but now we are in Christ, and we walk in the newness of life, day by day.

In our daily walk, the opposites of these truths confront us. We conquer all things that are contrary to our divine identity through the grace of the Lord. We pursue trusting the not yet. Before, when we were going through trials, we didn’t know how to stand; but now, trial by trial, we go from triumph to triumph and from glory to glory! 

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