6 Ways to Triumph Over Tribulations Through the Power of Prayer

Discover Prayer's Role in Overcoming Adversity: Understand how prayer can serve as a cornerstone in navigating life's trials, offering a source of strength and refuge.
Experience the Power of Faith-Filled Prayers: Explore the transformative power of prayers imbued with faith, and how they can change your perspective, circumstances, and outcomes.
Enhance Your Resilience in Tough Times: Learn how prayer can fortify your spirit, providing the resilience needed to withstand and grow through life's trials.

Includes Bonus: 7 Promises to Pray According to God's Will

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Do you deeply desire to answer the call of God on your life? Are you seeking divine wisdom for the steps and stops to take in your pursuit? Are you willing to count the cost and do whatever it takes?

Stepping Stones


Join author Dr. Joelle Suel in Stepping Stones, 7 Steps to Achieving Your Divine Destiny, as she equips believers to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives while sharing some of her inspirational journey.

She reminds us that God loves us and we are precious in His sight. We are full-time ministers wherever we are, and through whatever we do. Where our feet stand is where our pulpit stands. We shine the light of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and glorify Him, often without realizing it. God desires to use all of us in and through our daily activities. This book will encourage and empower you in your walk, from faith to faith.


Scott Whitaker

What an Awesome read about following your Divine Destiny. Dr. Joelle Suel lays it out in such a wonderful step by step process.

Jeannie Taylor

Dr Joelle Suel is a dedicated woman of God. She is very loving and compassionate. She is God anointed! I recommend this book to anyone that is seeking more of the Lord’s presence.

S.D. Halvorsen

Have you been in a place where you know you want more, but you’re not sure what your next step is to get there? This is where I was at when this book came into my life. After reading it I felt empowered by the Holy Spirit to unleash Jesus in all that I do. Wow, life changing!



Dr. Joelle Suel is founder and Senior Pastor of Glory to Glory Christian Center in Aurora, Colorado; founder and Dean of Glory to Glory Institute of the Holy Spirit; and author of the Institute curriculum and a daily devotion, Today with Dr. J. Her 2018 book, Stepping Stones, equips readers to answer the call of God in their lives. She is in the process of making all of the Institute curriculum available in book format. She earned her Doctor of Ministry degree from the Phoenix University of Theology in 2006. A native of Puteaux, France, she became an American citizen in 2003.

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