The Word of God is alive and active; it was planted in us when we were born again. As it is watered and brings forth fruit, we no longer deal with people or things on a surface level. We begin to see what is not evident to others. The Lord teaches us how to handle what is discerned, and it is different in every situation.

When we move in the Spirit, we learn to hear what is unsaid, as well as what is said. We hear the truth about others, they may not know themselves. When things are perceived, they should be taken to the Lord in order for Him to give instructions on the situation. It could be we are to keep it to ourselves and pray. At times it may be for us to speak forth, when led, in order to bring it to the surface. It could be to give us divine wisdom before going forward in a relationship. Remembering that the Lord reveals to heal is essential. The Lord reveals to us, to heal through us, as we bind and loose under His direction. What is spiritually observed can only be dealt with in the Spirit.

Seeking the Lord enables us to walk in His truth. He gives us the keys of the Kingdom and trains us to know what to do, in His name, so that He may be glorified. The purpose of revelation is transformation, from glory to glory!

Philippians 3:15 “Therefore let us, as many as are mature, have this mind; and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal even this to you.”