I am afflicted very much: quicken me, O Lord, according unto thy word. – Ps. 119:107

When dealing with sharp pains in my body, fever and extreme tiredness, a prayer I recalled from previous battles arose in my spirit: “Lord, quicken me, according to your Word; your healing Word.” As I pressed through to the kitchen, I sensed the power of the Holy Spirit. While I waited for the full manifestation of His healing, I rested with thanksgiving, worshiping Him. 

The word quicken means to give life, to preserve life, to revitalize. When we battle weakness, depression, worries, fears, sicknesses or going through any trials, we can pray and count on Him to revive us. Nothing is more powerful than the Word and the Spirit of God. It never fails! The life it carries fills, heals, and anoints all it touches.

In our storms, our adversary tries to do the opposite of quickening, destroying… but to no avail. Even when we don’t pray for the Lord to quicken us, the Lord still does, by His Spirit, because He watches over us, showering us with His loving care, from glory to glory!