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And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. – Gal. 6:9

When our progress appears stagnant, we question ourselves, our faith gets tested, and we seek patience and perseverance. Our progress is always in process as we align with God’s will. The intervals between any signs of progress vary for each of us and can be unknown. Knowing this helps us stay on course and stand by faith.

We might think we have completed all that is necessary to reach a destination, only to find we have yet another step to take. Our perception of the beginning may not be accurate. The exact starting point is crucial in assessing our direction toward the finishing point. Our progress becomes clear as we reflect on where we have come from, rather than focusing on the place we have not yet reached.

In the Lord, each phase is an achievement. We are ready in and out of season. Every development we encounter draws us closer to Christ, our ultimate goal. We never assume we have already arrived. Humbly, we trust the Lord’s leading moment by moment. We learn to enjoy the journey with peace, truly, from glory to glory, from glory to glory


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