Give us this day our daily bread. – Mat. 6:11

For years, my chosen foods were unhealthy: meat, potatoes, pasta, fried foods, sweets, and sodas. Rarely water, fruits or vegetables. When I thought of changing my habits, I believed the lie that I couldn’t afford to eat healthy. It kept me bound until the day I learned that my body was the temple of the Holy Spirit. Was it too late?

I sought the Lord’s wisdom, and He instructed me to look at food as medicine, to add the right ingredients to nourish my body. It changed my perspective and my process towards healthy choices began. Similarly, and above all, He led me to look at the Bible as food like medicine: vital for my healing and spiritual growth. It became a daily must, a hunger for His daily bread.

Our journeys do not look exactly alike, but God’s process is always the same: He leads us to walk in the new creation we are in Him, free from any hindrances. His desire is for us to walk in divine health and use our temples for His glory. With patience, grace, and His continual presence and power, He helps us when we breakdown and gives us breakthroughs, from glory to glory!