One Moment

Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.- Ps. 62:8

One tactic of our adversary is to hinder us from seeking the Lord in our daily steps. We might get too busy or distracted and only turn to the Lord after our endeavors, instead of before. Taking one moment, even a few seconds, to yield to the presence and power of the Lord before we do things makes way for His ability to flow through us. 

In the natural, we do not have time for that extra moment, but in the spirit it is necessary. As soon as we take that moment, time is extended. God redeems our time and enables us to complete our tasks with grace. Just one moment before we speak, proceed to an important task, or confront a conflict.

Wherever we are, right now, let’s take that moment. Lord, thank you for your presence. I yield to your wisdom, ability, and grace. Help me fully trust you. I receive your love, strength and peace, as I walk with you,  from glory to glory!


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