He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds. – Ps. 147:3

When Suzie’s boyfriend announced that their relationship had ended, her heart shattered into countless pieces. She dashed to her car, shut the door firmly, and proclaimed she would not trust anyone ever again. The vow she made to deal with her broken heart and protect herself from this pain happening again stayed with her for years. Distrust, fear and doubt caused every new relationship to fail. 

When the object of our trust disappoints us, we might make internal vows that can guide future decisions and hinder the best God has for us. We don’t always recognize these solemn promises we make over our lives. Some were spoken over our lives by others, and we received them as truths. Words are powerful and can battle our victorious walk, hindering what the Lord has placed in our hearts. Praise God for His victory!

Discovering the promises of God through His Word, and believing them, renews our mind. It helps us pray for the Lord to break all negative vows, known or unknown. The power of the Holy Spirit sets us free and restores hope. Our desires have changed. Emotional walls no longer block God’s best, and we walk in new divine opportunities, from glory to glory!