Led by the Holy Spirit?

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God” (Rom. 8:14 nkjv).

People and circumstances try to influence us, positively or negatively. We are to be led by the Spirit of God, seeking His influence, His control, His leading to God’s will. When the wrong spirits get involved, the battles can be challenging. To guard ourselves, we must seek the leading of the Spirit of God before the leading of anyone or anything else. God will lead us to what we should submit to through the Word of God and confirmations of His will.

It is a question of authority. The wrong influences affect our Christlike character and try to move us away from our submission to God. It also comes through things that are right in appearance but are not of God. This happens when people follow others who say God told them they should do this or that without checking with God for themselves. Appearances can be deceiving.

We can trust the Lord to reveal what is not of Him when we go to Him for guidance and protection. We learn to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, His fruits above any gifts; His presence before sizeable crowds; the name of Jesus being lifted above any other name. God’s glory is above man’s glory, always. We can influence others to follow Jesus Christ our Lord, above all, from glory to glory! 


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