For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.  – Rom. 8:14

To be led by the Holy Spirit, we receive peace, the Word of God, circumstances, conviction, and direction, while also paying attention to red flags. These checkmarks are like checkpoints along our paths calling for our attention. We must guard against busyness, distractions, and subtle interferences that try to stop us from taking the time to check on what we sense in our spirit.

Whenever we detect that something is amiss, not moving in the right direction, or we are hesitant without explanation, or when we cannot find peace and our hearts and minds are unsettled, we should pause, take heed to our lack of peace, and through prayer, seek the leading of the Holy Spirit. These signs don’t mean a no, but prompt us to investigate further, until we have surety in our steps.

We check our hearts by humbly submitting our will to His; desiring His plans more than our own. At His feet, we seek the removal of any flesh that could might alter our motivation, our mission or our methods. We check our hearing, willing to hear what He has to say and go to the Word of God for instructions and confirmation. Above all, we pray for Him to fill us with His Spirit, from glory to glory!