Often people are pressured to keep up with a self-image they portrayed to others, an image others have placed on them, or an image others hold as being the right image. As we are being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ all images that have been placed on us are removed, and we walk free to be, by His grace.

We are being changed into an inward reality. We are changed into the likeness of Christ within our hearts. It’s not a form of godliness shown outwardly while the inward remains the same. It’s not acting one way while believing another way. It’s recognizing the power of God in us that enables us to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. We were saved by grace, and it’s by grace that we walk step-by-step.

Religion in action is only revealed when the masks are removed, or reaction to friction occurs. It’s when people are under pressure that true character is revealed. The more we believe the power of God is in us, the more we yield to its reality and walk in its result. It’s then we know the Spirit of God dwells in us because our behavior does not match who we used to be, but now matches who we are becoming, from glory to glory!  

2 Timothy 3:5 “… having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”