Hosanna in the Highest

 Then the multitudes who went before and those who followed cried out, saying: “Hosanna to the Son of David! ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Hosanna in the highest!” – Mat. 21:9 nkj

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, people expected Him to throw away the harsh ruling of the Romans and help them economically. After they realized Jesus’ plan didn’t meet theirs, their Hosannas turned to crucify Him! Their plan was for things around them to be changed; His was for their hearts to be changed through salvation.

Do we praise the Lord even when He doesn’t meet our immediate need, or move the way we expect Him to? What if He changes things we don’t want changed, or leave things unchanged? Do we express adoration, praise, and joy, or frustration, complaint, and hopelessness? God never gives up on us, and we should never give up on Him, even when we question His workings.

If things were going our way, we would not need any faith and would depend on ourselves. God uses our trying times to teach us to walk by faith, not by sight. He draws us closer to Him, increases our faith, and transforms our character. By faith, we learn to trust God for His best when we face the worst. He knows our hearts and, with love and grace, takes us from faith to faith, from glory to glory!


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