As children of God, we can hear and recognize the voice of God more and more, as we know Him more and more. God communicates with us in a way that we can understand. He speaks to each one of us in a very personal way.

As our personal relationship with Him progresses, we learn to know His voice. When we hear something that doesn’t align with His character, we can reject it with confidence. The first time someone speaks to us on the phone we may not recognize their voice, but if they start communicating with us on a daily basis, we will learn to recognize their voice right away. If someone tells you something that is not in harmony with what you know, you will be able to identify if it’s a truth, or a lie, instantly.

The voice of the devil always tears us down – the voice of God always builds us up. Spending time in the Word of God, in worship and in prayer, helps us distinguish His voice from all the others and increases our faith. God speaks to us to lead us into the wonderful things He has prepared for us, step by step. He communicates His word, His will and His way to us, with so much love. He desires for us to hear Him more than we realize. He knows how to make His voice louder if necessary. He is here and we can hear Him, from glory to glory!

John 10:27 “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”