Guard Your Mouth

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles. Prov. 21:23

Words spoken by the flesh, out of anger, hurt us and others. As we submit our tongue to the Lord, He enables us to tame it so our words may edify and minister grace unto the hearers. As we understand the power of our words, we pray and place a guard over our mouth by God’s grace. When we say things we shouldn’t say, the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, cannot flow freely.   

We must beware of the ways the enemy tries to pull us into other people’s conversations. Gossip is very destructive. Sometimes, our silence implies that we agree with what others say. It is best to remove ourselves from any improper conversation or express our desire not to be part of what is happening. Talebearers spread rumors and lies, causing a lot of hurt in the Body of Christ and beyond.  

Presenting opinions as facts leads to misinformation that can destroy relationships. We cannot answer for others, but we can condemn every word that comes against us in judgment. Equipped to speak the truth of God’s word with authority and power, we follow the leading of the Lord. We pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to control our own mouth, from glory to glory!


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