God, Show Me Your Glory

And he said, “Please, show me Your glory.” – Ex. 33:18 NKJV

Why did Moses ask God to show him His glory? He had already seen it when he encountered God through the burning bush, the bush that was on fire but not consumed. He also saw it in the answers to all the plagues in Egypt, at the crossing of the red sea, and so many other instances. Yet, he wanted more! Do we?

We might not seek for more because we are familiar with our experiences and assume God Himself can manifest Himself in greater measure when He wants to, and He does. However, when we seek for more by faith, through communing with Him, we encounter more of Him. When we seek more happiness, we can be tempted to seek more in a relationship, in entertainment, and end up lacking. More of the world instead of the Word. 

The glory of God is the sum of all His attributes, the tangible manifestation of His person, presence, and power. More of God satisfies us and leads us to hunger for more. Less of the world and more of Him. More of the Spirit, less of the flesh. As we draw near to Him, He draws near to us. We realize the more we know of Him, the less we know. God honors our hunger. There is more, so much more! Let us seek His glory and expect divine encounters, from glory to glory! 


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