There are some stores where the light is so dim that we have difficulty seeing the items. Sometimes I thought a piece of clothing was one color and discovered it was a different color when I placed it under a better light. Similarly, we can see circumstances and people in our lives clearly in the light of the Lord.  

When we come to the Lord in prayer, seeking to know the truth about people, we can trust He will bring clarity in His timing. He will eliminate our misconceptions and increase our confidence in Him. It is in our fellowship with the Lord that our fellowship with others becomes free from what is unseen in the natural. It’s in His glory that what is real becomes clear. 

When we praise the Lord, pray, worship, read the Word of God or fellowship with other believers, the light is even brighter. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. We can trust that as we abide in Him, deception will attempt to hinder us but will utterly fail and come to nothing. We shall know the truth and the truth sets us free, from glory to glory!  

Ephesians 5:13 “But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.”