Those who sow in tears Shall reap in joy. – Ps. 126:5

Even though he had been a believer of Jesus for many years and had experienced mighty moves of the Holy Spirit, Victor found himself in a dry season. His passion and fervor had disappeared. When worshipping in church or at home, he didn’t feel the Lord like he used to. His bible readings and prayer times had become automatic, like an exercise he just knew he had to do, stripped of all joyful expectations.

Like Victor, we might go through dry seasons, leading to despair and hopelessness. We wonder if they were triggered by something of our doing, or not doing. Guilt and shame add to our anguish. The greatest anguish is the distance we feel from the Lord. The reality of spiritual warfare becomes solidified and when our efforts bear no fruit, we feel broken, and cry out to God!

At His feet, in total surrender, we can trust, no matter how long it takes, the watering of the Lord, by His Word and His Spirit. The presence of the Lord never leaves us, and we never leave it, even when we don’t feel it. We press through our dry seasons until our breakthroughs, from glory to glory!