Do You Feel Like A Failure?

My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26).

We are excited and fired up when we start something new. When the accomplishment we expected does not happen, we feel like a failure and are tempted to give up. When things fall apart, we struggle to keep it together. Guilt, condemnation, and defeat battles us. We can be more forgiving and patient with others than with ourselves. We expect perfection from ourselves.

By God’s grace, we can move past disappointment and the fear of missing the mark. It is better to try something and fail than not to try anything at all. God is our strength and helps us rise, try again, and achieve greater results. Everything we do, including our failures, is used by God to prepare us for greater opportunities. Our failures do not make us one.

Are you battling with a sense of failure? Turn to the Lord and ask, “What could I have done differently? Better? What did I miss?” Let go of what you did not know or did not do. Forgive yourself. The moment you turn to the Lord and release things into His hands, His amazing peace replaces your struggle. Trust Him with what you don’t understand and with what He has for you next. Prepare to give your all to the next assignment,  from glory to glory! 


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