Do We Fully Enjoy the Now?

God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. – Ps. 46:1

Our adversary constantly tempts us to either think about tomorrow’s potential heartaches and pains or remember those of our past. He does so to steal the joy we can experience in the here and now. Missing priceless moments and letting valuable times of happiness pass by often happens unknowingly. How do we fully enjoy the now?

A spouse may not fully appreciate a loving embrace due to preoccupying thoughts about upcoming plans or a previous disagreement. We see this dynamic in other types of relationships as well. Unfortunately, many precious moments spent with loved ones are not always fully cherished. We might miss opportunities to witness to others because of our lack of focus. We don’t always appreciate our daily blessings.

What is happening around us right now? Do we enjoy people and conversations to the fullest by intentionally abiding in the present? Giving our full attention to what comes our way takes an intentional purpose of the heart and the enabling of the Spirit of Christ. As we seek the Lord in the now, He helps us enjoy His abundant blessings, moment by moment, from glory to glory.


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