Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5 KJV

Distractions battle our commitment and resolve. Diversions blindside us and lead our thoughts away from our focus. Unexpected events sidetrack us and take us by surprise. We don’t realize how much time gets lost. Time stealers rob us of our potential. We then become disheartened because we have not completed what we had set out to do, often leading to resentment against people who might have distracted us unintentionally. The desires of our flesh can also lead us off course. 

Our pursuits meet opposition, but the Lord reminds us to do all as unto Him, and seek His wisdom. As we do so, He shows us what to watch for and what to put in place to hold our priorities in order. Sharing our plans with others helps us have healthy boundaries. Keeping a daily list of what we plan to do keeps us on point. Going over our day brings light to what to watch for in the future. Asking the Lord to reveal the changes we should make gives us insights.

We commit our ways into His hands, trusting Him to accomplish what He leads us to do. Day by day, we seek His will, and pray for His empowerment and protection. Our prayer is to remain committed to Him above all, redeeming the time, and loving Him wholeheartedly. Our steadfastness increases by His grace, from glory to glory.