6 Ways to Triumph Over Tribulations Through the Power of Prayer

Discover Prayer's Role in Overcoming Adversity: Understand how prayer can serve as a cornerstone in navigating life's trials, offering a source of strength and refuge.
Experience the Power of Faith-Filled Prayers: Explore the transformative power of prayers imbued with faith, and how they can change your perspective, circumstances, and outcomes.
Enhance Your Resilience in Tough Times: Learn how prayer can fortify your spirit, providing the resilience needed to withstand and grow through life's trials.

Includes Bonus: 7 Promises to Pray According to God's Will

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But God!

There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many? – John 6:9 nkjv.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. How much we have or don’t have cannot limit Him. It’s natural to add a but: an objection to a possible provision when it doesn’t seem practical. When the but comes, we take it captive by surrendering what we do have to God.

Our but… disappears when we hand it over to Him and know but God! A little is much when God is in it. Nothing can remain small in His hands. He took one fish and five loaves of bread and fed thousands. He multiplied a little oil in a jar to fill all the available vessels. He used a small stone in a small sling to kill a giant. He used a little maiden girl to lead a Syrian general to Elijah.

As we walk in the supernatural, we change our but this or that to but God! He is the God of more than enough. When we know God is holding us, we can hold on. We might not have enough, but God is more than enough! We learn to trust and rest in Him, from glory to glory! 


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