A Strong Tower

For You have been a shelter for me, A strong tower from the enemy. – Ps. 61:3-4

A positive outlook can become difficult when unexpected trials increase. The tardiness of a loved one stirs up worry and anxiety. A negative doctor’s report quickly brings thoughts of potential death. Even a high school graduate can hesitate in pursuing a higher education because of uncertainty about what the future holds. Jesus is our only hope.

How can we walk in safety in an unsafe world? Amid certainty or uncertainty? Love or hate? Amid peace or despair? How can we remain stable during so much instability? Without a sense of security, we easily give way to doubt and fear. Jesus enables us to remain unshakable.

When we turn to the Lord, we find He becomes a strong tower, a shelter we can count on in all circumstances. We can rest secure in His loving care. As our focus stays on Him, our security in Him grows. Our insecurities disappear as we see Him appear in our time of need. How faithful is our God! We look back on God’s protection in unsafe situations and trust Him, from glory to glory!


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