You can expect anointed preaching, biblically sound teachings, encouraging words, and fervent prayers through the ministry of Dr. Joelle by the Holy Spirit. We trust our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to take you from glory to glory, fear to faith, and despair to hope!

Jump in the river

Do you believe lives can be touched and transformed by the actual presence and power of God? Whether in a place or online, people receive spiritual renewal and revival through the power of the Holy Spirit. Dr. J’s passion is to help facilitate transformation through teachings, empowerment meetings, a school of ministry, a place of worship, and much more. 

I’m Dr. Joelle

“l’Habit ne fait pas le moine,” the habit doesn’t make the monk, is the French equivalent of don’t judge a book by its cover. It is fair to say that Dr. Joelle Suel pronounced “soohwell”) is unlike any pastor you’ve met before. She is a divinely appointed, uniquely gifted French national empowered par un tigre dans le reservoir—to have incredible energy, literally, “a tiger in the tank.” Dr. Joelle Suel is blessed with overflowing love, a sharp wit, and a captivating delivery. To know her is to love her. She speaks fluent English with a melodic lyricism that reveals the songs in her heart. Dr. Joelle Suel’s desire is to love, to teach, to serve, to water God’s people with the reign of the Holy Spirit that we might be nourished and grow tout au plus—all the more, to the utmost; From fear to faith, from despair to hope, from darkness to light.

Do you desire to answer the call of God on your life?

Are you seeking divine wisdom for the steps and stops to take in your pursuit? Are you willing to count the cost and do whatever it takes? Join author Dr. Joelle Suel in achieving your divine destiny as she equips all believers to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives while sharing some of her inspirational journey.



Women on Fire

Glory to Glory

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Wednesdays – 7pm

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Dr. Joelle ministers at Glory to Glory Christian Center

Sundays at 11:00 am

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We will not be ashamed of our hope, faith, or confidence in God. God’s ways will be done. Whether we are going through a barren season, a dry season, or a challenging season; we can stand believing. Our walk of faith in the Lord will never be in vain. We will not be...

Destructive Distractions

Destructive Distractions

The king of Syria was saying, “Don't get sidetracked by other people. Focus on the king so we can win.” The same is true for us. Fighting against flesh and blood distracts us. We battle against spiritual wickedness in high places. As the saying goes, “don’t major in...

More or Less?

More or Less?

Are we better than someone else? More knowledgeable? More anointed? More loved? More holy? The moment we think we are “more” than others, we become less than who God calls us to be. Pride goes before a fall. As the Holy Spirit transforms us into the image of the Lord,...

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