Just the Way We Are!

Just the Way We Are!

As we discover the new creation we have in Christ, we find the Lord giving new life to us so we can walk in who He created us to be. Parts of our self may be hidden under scars we received from various woundings. If we express who we are now, others make fun of us and we end up feeling rejected. This rejection will cause us to reject that part of us as well, and we may keep it hidden.

The Holy Spirit revives individual talents and attributes we were given when we were created as He leads us into our purpose. For example, a man may enjoy cooking, a woman may like to work on cars or any talent that is uncommon and unaccepted by peers. They grew up trying to be somebody else. This man will therefore learn to fix cars and this woman will take care of the cooking, laying aside their God given talents. We might have become what we were not trying to be, allowing others to define us by their expectations. This can result in years of therapy as we learn to identify this stranger, how we got here and who we really are. Only in Christ do we receive total freedom as we hear His truth about ourselves. Areas that were hidden open up in our process of transformation.

Another area of liberty comes in the expression of our hearts. Our sense of humor, joy and dance in our steps come forth as we learn we are not only accepted in the Lord but uniquely and wonderfully made. No one is alike; each one so special and free to be, from glory to glory! 

John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


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