A hind is a female deer. She is able to move easily and rapidly across rocks and uneven terrain. She leaps from rock to rock without losing her footing. On the side of a mountain she uses her front feet to test for loose rocks. When she finds firm ground she places her back feet in the exact spot her front feet were in. This testing protects her from slipping and falling down the mountain and helps her make way for her young.

God makes our feet like hind’s feet, and they are a powerful weapon in our warfare. Our feet have been shod by our God with a supernatural ability to walk and possess territories for His glory. It describes our ability, in Christ, to overcome any challenge. We test the ground in front of us with God’s word. The Word may be tested—but will be found sure. God tells us to trust Him: at first we do it with one foot, but as we find we are secure, we then go all the way. We follow our Lord’s footsteps and are established on solid ground.

With agility and confidence we go from height to height. Adversities are overcome with ease as we are set on high places and prevented from falling. He trains us to have surety in our steps so we don’t lose ground—but are set on high places, from glory to glory!

Psalms 18:33 “He makes my feet like the feet of deer, And sets me on my high places.”


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