The Right Response

In the Bible we read the story of Ahithophel, who killed himself because his advice was not followed. The offense, combined with pride, rejection and anger pushed him to suicide. The way we respond to what happens in our lives matters. He killed himself physically, but killing ourselves emotionally may also happen when a conflict is not confronted and conquered.

There are three responses to an offense, but only one is the right response. One is to do nothing and let it grow inside of us stirring up anger, resentment and bitterness. Another response is to seek revenge, to get even by fighting back with harsh words and ungodly reaction. The right response is the biblical one: we confront the conflict by going to the Lord and releasing it into His hands. We are then instructed on how to go to the person to seek resolution, reconciliation and peace.

We receive His life so that the hurt doesn’t bring emotional death: death of hope in another relationship; death of faith in restoration; death of trust in reformation; death of love in greater measure; death of our willingness to extend a hand of mercy. In Christ, we have abundant life. Whatever hurtful action may come our way, we respond by choosing life and walking in Christ’s healing, from glory to glory!

2 Samuel 17:23 Now when Ahithophel saw that his advice was not followed, he saddled a donkey, and arose and went home to his house, to his city. Then he put his household in order, and hanged himself, and died; and he was buried in his father’s tomb.