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A Splash meeting is a gathering for those longing for a transforming touch of God. Dr. Joelle releases a now word after a wonderful time of worship followed by personal ministry. There will be a raffle for goodies at each meeting. Register now and automatically be entered into the raffle!

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Phoenix, arizona



Sheraton Phoenix Crescent

2620 West Dunlap Ave

Phoenix, AZ



To Be Announced


Houston Marriott South

9100 Gulf Freeway

Houston, TX 77017


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To Be Announced

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To Be Announced

Featured Speaker

Dr. Joelle Suel

Senior Pastor, Glory to Glory Christian Center

Worship Leader

Jonathan McAllister

Worship Leader

Jonathan McAllister is one of a total of ten siblings. His parents Bishop Nathan and Gloria McAllister served faithfully and humbly in the kingdom of God, inspiring he and his siblings to dedicate their lives to the same high calling of service. Minister Jonathan’s highest pursuit and focus is worship, elevating the praise and worship of our Heavenly Father above all things, in heaven and on the earth!

He is the father of two beautiful girls, an entrepreneur, owner of JuDavida Music Group, Minister Jonathan enjoys creating and distributing wholesome and inspirational entertainment.

Are you Thirsty for a touch from jesus?

“A LIFE-CHANGING experience…”

– K.Z.


– M.Y.

“AMAZING to see God touch lives so SUDDENLY.”

– D.H.

“It was a LIFE-CHANGER for both of us. So appreciate your energy, passion, and you LOVE for Jesus…”

– C.N.

“It was an AMAZING experience for myself, my friend, my mom and my dad…”

– W.C.

“Exactly what I NEEDED. The Word I received was right on.”

– S.L.

register for phoenix, AZ

To Be Announced

register for houston, TX

To Be Announced

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Registration is Free. Due to limited seating, we highly recommend that you register in advance. There will be a free raffle for registrants.
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Glory to Glory Christian Center

1620 S. Abilene St #G1

Aurora, Colorado 80012

(303) 751-3300

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