We strive to conduct ourselves without offense toward God or men. Because we love God and one another, we do our best, by His grace, not to be a stumbling block to others. When our heart is not to bring offense, the Lord enables us to walk in deeper realms of the spirit and blesses us abundantly.

There are blessings, miracles from God the very moment we do not say what we would normally say, do what we would normally do, react the way we normally would react, in order to not offend others. The moment our heart is for others, the moment we submit ourselves in order to lift Him up…the moment we lay our lives down for the sake of the call to be Christ-like, the supernatural is released. Meekness is demonstrated when someone is able to be right and nobody knows about it. God does more in that hidden place than anyone around can see. It takes moving past our flesh to move in the spirit.

There is a realm of the miraculous we move in when we move in love, the greatest gift of all. When it’s more important for us to act right, like Jesus, than to be right–the Lord is glorified. The Lord provides what is needed in every area, from glory to glory!

Matthew 17:27 “Nevertheless, lest we offend them, go to the sea, cast in a hook, and take the fish that comes up first. And when you have opened its mouth, you will find a piece of money; take that and give it to them for Me and you.”


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