Our worship brings us His word loud and clear. Worship helps us shake the dust off our feet so our paths can be enlightened. Our worship takes us to a place of intimacy with the Lord, a place where we can hear His heart and not hear the voices of the world, the enemy or our own. It prepares the way for His word to be spoken to us, and for surety to be placed upon our steps as we proceed to obey.

Elisha asked for a musician when he sought the Lord for directions for King Jehoshaphat. He knew that worship would help the word come forth with clarity. When we worship, we acknowledge God is with us. We express our love, surrender, and dependency upon Him. We are filled with joy and every worry dissipates as we enjoy His presence. He communicates and reveals His will to us with care and love.

When we seek God’s will, we enter into worship. When our bodies are under attack and we are unable to function, we call for the worshippers: those God has placed around us to pray for us as worshippers. Their prayers are spirit led because they are from a place of worship where no darkness can hinder them. Oh, the joy to worship Him,  from glory to glory 

2 Kings 3:15 “ ‘But now bring me a musician.’ Then it happened, when the musician played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him.” 


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