As we stand side by side in unity, we experience the presence of the Lord in a measure never reached before. One reality we know: The Lord is on our side.   

The Lord makes intercession for us. He is for us, not against us. He is our helper, comforter and shield. We are free from fear of whatever comes our way. With God on our side, every offense has to slide to the ground. The Lord leads each believer to trust His presence in the midst of whatever is coming from the outside. At times, we get battled from all sides but Christ is in the midst of every crisis. Hallelujah!

Often people come to us to share their disagreements with others; they seek our understanding, compassion and care by trying to get us on their side. There are three sides to every story: each party and the Lord’s side. We want to be on the Lord’s side pursuing peace, reconciliation and love. It’s wonderful to be on the same side as the Lord, and what a joy, comfort and amazing truth to know that He is on our side! He is our strength, and He makes our way perfect, from glory to glory!   

Psalm 118:6 “The LORD is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?” 



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