Should we offer a place to stay to someone in need? A ride? Money? Or Time? Knowing when to say yes or no can be challenging because of the giving heart we possess in the Lord. Helping when we shouldn’t can enable others to remain stuck in a situation. We could be stepping ahead of God if our assistance becomes permanent instead of temporary.

Our love for others might influence us to respond to their needs without taking our own into consideration. Our heart’s willingness to help doesn’t always mean we should. God leads us based on factors often unknown to us. Boundaries shows others the room allowed in our space. It indicates who we are, what we like and, most of all, who rules our lives. Showing someone else we take the time to ask the Lord helps them do the same. We grow dependent upon the leading of the Holy Spirit as we learn to yield to Him.

In our conversations with others, we quietly ask Him to direct our words and our silences; our steps and our stops; our moving closer or away. We learn to pay attention to the peace and the checkmarks He provides to guides us. We trust Jesus. He intervenes and rescues using His infinite wisdom, from glory to glory!

Psalm 104:9 “You have set a boundary that they may not pass over, That they may not return to cover the earth.”


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