When dark situations threaten to overtake us, we can rest assured God will light our lamp and enlighten all darkness. Not only the darkness around us, but any darkness within us, will be removed as His light shines in our heart.

There are roads we travel when our destination is unclear; relationships in which our future is shadowed; and sicknesses in our bodies quenching our lamps. Our candles may be difficult to detect, but they are never removed. They may seem dimmed, but light will arise! Traveling on a dark road with no visibility, we will follow the lights of the car in front of us. When that vehicle turns off the road, we have no choice but to trust our own lights. In our walk, we may be following someone else’s light until the situation we are in causes us to discover we carry the light of the Lord ourselves; and we are followed by others. It is the light of God’s countenance that shines upon us and brightens our roads.

The fiery darts of the enemy come as bushels to hide our lamps, but at that very moment God lights us up even brighter. Candles lit by our Lord surely can’t be blown out by satan. A lit candle brings comfort even in the midst of sorrow. As God’s glory is ignited faith arises, hope is restored and deliverance is assured, from glory to glory!

Psalm 18:28 “For You will light my lamp; The LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.” 


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