The more we humble ourselves, the more grace the Lord gives us. Humility helps us confront ourselves and others. The lower we are the higher the degree of glory we walk in. It’s not something we can do ourselves; it comes from a surrendered heart.

Grace is receiving what we don’t deserve. Not only are we saved by grace through faith; but the more we grow in the Lord, the more we grow in grace. As we behold Him, we are able to look at ourselves. When we can face our weaknesses, forgive ourselves of past mistakes, and realize we constantly need improvement, we allow the Holy Spirit to transform us. Grace then brings forth God’s perfect will in our lives.

Humility brings clarity in our decision making. If we realize we have made choices in our past outside of God’s will, we repent and receive forgiveness. With a grateful heart, we daily seek the Lord for His leading. The pride that hinders our hearing is removed when we unassumingly ask God for His will to be done in our lives. We honestly desire His ways above our own. As we humbly submit to God, we resist the devil and he flees from us. We walk from grace to grace, from faith to faith, from glory to glory.  

James 4:6-7 “But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: ‘God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.’ Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” 


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