The Lord trains us, by His Spirit, to become fit for His glorious purpose. We are in a spiritual school and the lessons we learn increase our faith and strengthen our walk. It’s when we are tested on what we have learned that we realize we were being trained without knowing it!

The tests are not to grade us to gain God’s favor. It is because of His favor that we can learn. Our identity in Him gives us a grade A to start with. Accepted, appointed, and anointed. We pass the tests as winners, even when we must learn the same lessons repeatedly. The purpose of the training is for our transformation and the fulfilling of His glorious plans.

Faith develops through a decision we make that defies our understanding. Patience is developed through an altercation with someone who aggravates us. Perseverance is strengthened when we hang on to our hope by a thread. So many opportunities to grow through our many tests. All pointing to the greatest test: the test of His Word in our lives. Each challenge being a testimony in progress. Through each lesson we learn to stand on His Word, from glory to glory! 

Psalms 105:19 “Until the time that his word came to pass, The word of the LORD tested him.”


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