In times when our strength is failing, our passion is dissipating or our fire is extinguishing, we find ourselves hindered from going forth to fulfill our purpose. Something happened to cause it to be so and we need to recall the situation we went through in order to regain ground.

Was it a disappointment? A hardship or a loss? It could happen suddenly or in a subtle way. The suddenly is easier to detect. What has dropped gradually is not evident. As we seek the Lord He will reveal that place. It takes humility to face what may have happened. Even at times when we don’t discern the cause of a change, recognizing there is one will help us allow the Spirit of God to deal with it. We pray daily for truth to shine upon us and by faith, pick up what He reveals so graciously.

As we realize where our fire seems to have been put out, we can trust we can be quickened again and again. What may have been quenched has not disappeared; it just needs to be rekindled. The power of God can make what appears to be lost rise back up to the surface. All the time we think it’s no longer there, it still is. We just cannot reach it without His help. God has a way to pick us back up and restore us to a greater place than where we were before, from glory to glory! 

2 Kings 6:6-7 So the man of God said, “Where did it fall?” And he showed him the place. So he cut off a stick, and threw it in there; and he made the iron float. Therefore he said, “Pick it up for yourself.” So he reached out his hand and took it. 


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