The boundaries we set in place cannot be trusted apart from the boundaries God, Himself, sets on our behalf. He protects us from ourselves. He secures our borders, even in our unawareness of the need. We might feel restricted when, in fact, we are protected. He tears down borders we think are firm in order to enlarge our territory.

For our protection, some relationships come to a halt; others remain when we wish they wouldn’t. A door closes to a potential job, while another we didn’t want keeps coming around. A loan application gets rejected. The house we wanted to purchase goes to another buyer. The fences the Lord builds around us hinder unseen enemies from making inroads into our lives. Insignificant encounters can become relevant opportunities. As we look back on our lives, we praise God for making peace within our borders when we needed His help.

We all matter to the Lord. Regardless of the measures we take in the natural to secure our safety, only the boundaries God establishes for us remain stable and impenetrable. We belong to Him and He watches over His property. He works all things together for the good. We find God is our shield and defense, from glory to glory!

Psalm 147:14 “He makes peace in your borders, And fills you with the finest wheat.”


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